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Oblique Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion, or OLLIF, is a truly minimally invasive interbody spine fusion. A revolutionary quantum leap in spine surgery, we are the first in Midwest to perform OLLIF. Currently offering the procedure in Alexandria and Crookston, it's done via multiple incisions, each half an inch long, without cutting or separating muscle from bone. This makes recovery much quicker and puts patients back to regular life much faster than traditional open surgery. "Keeping it simple" is great advice for many aspects of life—even when it comes to things as complex as back surgery.

When non-surgical and conservative treatments fail, surgery may be required. Shouldn't this experience be as gentle and easy as possible? With our state-of-the-art techniques, we are pleased to offer the most advanced minimally invasive approach to spine surgery.

While every back patient's medical needs are unique, the full scope of compelling benefits offered by the OLLIF procedure is available to many patients considering a lumbar fusion procedure.


  • A convenient, outpatient environment is often available, which means hospitalization may be not be required.
  • Less blood loss than traditional methods is typical among patients . Smaller incision sites
  • Less time spent in the operating room than traditional surgery, promoting faster recovery. Typically, an OLLIF procedure takes less than 90 minutes.
  • A minimally invasive and minimally disruptive experience, resulting in many patients finding they are able to get up, walk around and return home within a few hours of surgery. Typically OLLIF patients return to normal recreational activities in a few weeks.

Since the OLLIF procedure is designed to avoid any major muscles and preserve healthy, natural structures, the procedure may result in less pain and trauma to the back, promoting a faster recovery. Typically OLLIF patients return to normal recreational activities in a few weeks.

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