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Myelogram, also called myelography, is a procedure that uses an x-ray to examine your spinal canal. Contrast is used to help
caregivers see your nerves, bones, or spinal cord more clearly. 

Depending on where your surgeon will inject the needle, you will sit or lie on an x-ray table. Your surgeon will insert a needle between the bones of your spine and into your spinal canal. He will use an x-ray with a monitor to carefully guide the needle. He will inject contrast to see your nerves, bones, or spinal cord more clearly. You may feel warm after the contrast is injected. The table will be tilted so the contrast can move through your spinal canal.

You will be moved into a series of positions, and x-rays will be taken. After the procedure is done, the contrast will be removed if it is made with oil. The needle will be removed, and the injection site will be covered with a bandage or surgical tape.