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Here's what our patients have said

“Dr. Kim took me as a patient when probably no one else would have.  He performed a complex and very long spinal surgery on me October 17, 2014.  I feel so much better now than before the surgery, just three months later.  It’s a long recovery but I know the quality of my life will be so much better.  I am forever grateful.
I am a walking poster child for Dr. Kim!”

Patient from Lancaster, Minnesota

“In May of 2000 you performed a two level cervical fusion on me. I am very happy to report that the fusion is healed. I have been pain-free since the operation. I thank God for your skillful hands that led up to a full recovery. Thank you.”

Patient from Brainerd, Minnesota

“Thank you so much for calling me. You can’t know how much it means to me that you took the time to look into my case. You gave me a tremendous mental boost and you taught me some things to be watchful about. Regardless of what happens next, I feel much better and now I am much more hopeful about the future. I expect to see you in the near future. I have not given up.”

Patient from Thief River Falls, Minnesota

“I want to thank you! You have given back to me a good quality of life. I know this is your profession and you do this all the time, but I wondered how much you were sent appreciation for your work. So, two thumbs up. You have helped me so much. Thank you! God bless you for being gifted in your line of work. I know God was watching over both of us that day that I had my surgery. I am so thankful.”

Patient from Lowry, Minnesota

“I would like to thank you and all of your staff at the center, Douglas County Hospital, and the Fergus Falls Medical Center for the care I received during my recent doctor visit and surgery. Dr. Kim and his staff at Alexandria and at Fergus Falls were all very helpful and caring. I had my appointment in Fergus Falls on November 29 and my surgery on December 22. Everyone was so helpful and kind. The surgical staff made the surgery easier by talking to me in the room before putting me under.

I come from a small community and have been in many hospital settings with my family, but none of them compare to the care I received. I have told everyone that asks about your facility that I would highly recommend it. There are many people in my area with back problems and I believe that they would get their relief from you staff! Thank you again for taking such good care of me before, during and after surgery. Your staff was always friendly and courteous while I was there and when I called asking questions!”

Patient from Bathgate, North Dakota

“Thank you Dr. Sunny Kim for all the back work you done on me; you kept me up walking and working, which I appreciate very much. Hope you can keep it up for a long time and help people to walk. Keep up the good work. Thanks again for everything. God bless you.”

Patient from Redwood Falls, Minnesota

“Thank you so much for repairing my back and healing my leg. I feel like a new person and am confident I’ll make a 100% recovery. I appreciate the speed at which you handled my case. I received top-notch care. I’m grateful to have such a skilled surgeon in our area.”

Patient from Alexandria, Minnesota

“Just wanted to send you a sign of my gratitude! Thanks so much for everything.”

Patient from Crookston, Minnesota

“Words really can’t express all the thanks that one should give you. I’m so thankful that God gives you the hands you have to do the surgeries, and mine especially. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”

Patient from Parkers Prairie, Minnesota

“I met Dr. Kim in September of 1991. The reason I saw Dr. Kim was because I had severe back pain that hindered my physical activity. I was always in pain and I needed to take medication that would help ease the pain. I had already gone to four good institutions including the Mayo Clinic and they did not come up with a successful treatment plan for me. My brother recommended that I see Dr. Kim and he heard a lot of good reports about him.

When I first met Dr. Kim he said that he could take care of my pain, I would need a back fusion. At first I was very hesitant, however after I thought about it, if this would take of the pain I would do it. Surgery took place in November 15, 1991. Since that time, I have been very active in many different sports such as racquet ball, horseback riding, running, etc. I have been pain-free ever since the fusion.

Since my introduction and my surgery I have spoken very highly of Dr. Sunny Kim. During the period from 1991, I have sent several patients to Dr. Kim with similar conditions; they all come back with very high regard for Dr. Kim. I talked to Dr. Kim about his operations and he has done remarkable surgeries on people who have tried many other treatments that have failed. I have had him come down to Iowa Falls to speak to my medical colleagues on lower back and neck pain. I feel he is a very competent individual in all aspects of medicine. His technical skill is beyond reproach. He has very good patient-physician relationship. All the people I have sent to Dr. Kim have spoken very highly of him.”

Patient from Iowa Falls, Iowa

“I received you letter announcing that you are moving your practice from Minneapolis to Central Minnesota Spine Center in Alexandria. I’ve often thought of contacting you again to thank you for all that you’ve done for me, so here I am. You likely don’t remember me, but it’s now been just over 10 years since you fused my spine from L3 to S1. I had very little strength or feeling in my legs when I first saw you in November of 1992. I’d had two laminectomies performed here in Eau Claire but with little or no pain relief. The neurosurgeon had advised me that there was nothing more that could be done and that my days of walking were limited.

I was able to obtain an appointment with you without a referral and you scheduled the surgery for the week before Christmas. Thanks to you, I was able to walk out of the hospital on Christmas Eve when my wife came to pick me up. I knew that I still had a long way to go but what a Christmas gift! I wore the fiberglass brace religiously and walked as much as I possibly could. Within a matter of several months my knee jerk and ankle jerk returned and the following December you removed the hardware.

It’s now been about eight years since I’ve seen you. My back is holding up extremely well but I have taken a pro-active approach to caring for it. I was able to return to work and I even started playing tennis again. I’ve since been able to return to coaching baseball, basketball, softball and tennis. Last evening I played three sets of tennis with my son and this noon I played three sets of mixed doubles with my wife. Sure, I have an occasional backache but generally it is from overextending myself around the house. I am now 48 years old with a 4-year-old black lab that has just topped 3,000 miles walking with me.

Thank you for all that you’ve done for me. If I hadn’t found you, I’m afraid that I’d have lost the use of my legs many years ago. I’ve referred a number of people to you over the years, particularly individuals that had injured their backs and who heard about my remarkable recovery. Even though it would be a longer drive for me to get to Alexandria, I would not hesitate to contact you if I were to reinjure my back. Not a day goes by that I don’t consider what my life would be like if I had not been fortunate enough to cross paths with you. Good luck with your relocation to Alexandria.”

Patient from Eau Claire, Wisconsin


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